LISTEN: Can Puerto Rico’s Schools Be Saved? New EWA Podcast Interviews 74’s Mark Keierleber About Island’s Education System, Crippled by Storms and Scandals

Mark Keierleber

When Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in 2017, The 74’s Mark Keierleber began reporting on how the storm affected the island’s ravaged school system. Two years and a major government corruption scandal later, Keierleber discusses his reporting on EWA Radio, a podcast produced by the Education Writers Association.

The hurricane brought widespread devastation to Puerto Rico and ultimately sparked major education reforms. This summer, the island’s school system came under scrutiny when federal officials indicted Julia Keleher, the former education secretary, in an alleged corruption scheme.

Listen to the podcast to hear Keierleber discuss how storms and scandals have shaped the educational experiences of students in Puerto Rico.

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