Video Time Capsule: Remembering the Past Year of Pandemic Schooling in 80 Seconds

March 17, 2021

One after another, states closed their schools as the pandemic swept across the nation last March. For America’s students and their families, so much has changed: Students have learned to live without in-person classes, sports, proms, friends and teachers — and to live with remote classes on laptops, in quarantine.

Across the country photographers captured moments of loss, loneliness and fear — and also glimmers of hope and humanity. We’ve assembled 52 iconic photos to document those 52 unforgettable weeks. You can search our full photo history right here; and also watch the video above for a few of the notable standouts. As produced by 74 Video Director James Fields, here’s the past year in pandemic schooling — in 80 seconds.

—Edited By James Fields


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