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The B.A. Breakthrough: How UCLA Creates Opportunity

April 15, 2019

Just 11 percent of low-income and first-generation students go on to complete college within six years of leaving high school. In a new documentary, Richard Whitmire talks about the themes of his new book, “The B.A. Breakthrough,” which argues that reversing these kinds of diploma disparities could be the advent of “the most effective anti-poverty program ever launched in this country,” and celebrates places across the country where this breakthrough is already happening — from innovative K-12 schools, many of them public charters, to elite colleges like UCLA, to creative nonprofits like the College Advising Corps.

In this video, Alfred Herrera, assistant vice provost for academic partnerships and director of UCLA’s Center for Community College Partnerships, sheds light on how his institution is taking the lead on working with community colleges to bring in transfer students — and create a major pipeline of opportunity for low-income and first-generation students.

— Edited by Jim Fields; Produced by Jim Fields & Emmeline Zhao

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