Oral Histories: Remembering Brown v. Board of Education at 65


WATCH — A Brown v. Board Oral History: Deborah Dandridge on How the Landmark Supreme Court Ruling Showed ‘It’s the Youth That Will Make Progress in Our Democracy’

May 14, 2019

Deborah Dandridge started kindergarten in Topeka, Kansas, in 1951. She is now curator of the African American Experience Collections in Kenneth Spencer Research Library, University of Kansas Libraries.

In this interview, Dandridge contextualizes the history and effects of Brown v. Board with her personal experiences in Topeka at the time.

Dandridge also served as a researcher and writer for the national traveling exhibit “In Pursuit of Freedom and Equality: Kansas and the African American Public School Experience, 1855-1955,” sponsored by the Brown Foundation for Educational Excellence, Equity and Research.

Learn more about the five cases that were ultimately merged into Brown v. Board and see more testimonials from the families who changed America’s schools at our new site: The74Million.org/Brown65.

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