WATCH: New York City Kids Painting Rainbows for Their Front Windows to Give Families Hope During Daily ‘Rainbow Hunts’

March 26, 2020

Millions of children in Italy created unique and colorful morale boosters during the country’s coronavirus lockdown. They call it #Andràtuttobene, “everything is gonna be all right.” But it’s more than a hashtag; the kids painted rainbows that families then plastered to front windows as a public display of solidarity — and hope.

Now children in New York City, Philadelphia and other major cities across the country have picked it up, launching the English-language #EverythingIsGonnaBeOkay to bring their own hopeful rainbows to their communities across America. You can see an evolving Google Map of rainbows across the country by clicking on this link:

Earlier this week, 74 Video Director Jim Fields followed the map, walked the deserted streets and discovered the rainbows of Brooklyn.

—Directed by James Fields