The 74 Interview


Watch — North Carolina’s Jim Hunt on Priorities for a New School Year: Governors Must Realize Their Economies and Classrooms Are Intertwined & Build Bipartisan Support for Boosting Students

August 28, 2018

This is one in a series of summer videos with experts and thought leaders on the state of American education going into the 2018 school year. Watch all the videos, and read other in-depth interviews, by visiting our 74 Interview section.

Jim Hunt, former governor of North Carolina and foundation chair of The Hunt Institute, sits down to talk about state-level education leadership under the Every Student Succeeds Act, how governors must realize that their economies are irrevocably linked to the performance — and the goals — of their schools, and how in a time of fractured national politics, classrooms could become the key intersection of bipartisan cooperation.

Produced by James Fields