Watch: Mariama Carson, Founder of Global Preparatory Academy, Talks About Reinventing Education in Indianapolis

October 13, 2017

Over the summer, The 74 traveled the country to sit down for exclusive one-on-one conversations with educators, lawmakers, students, and parents who have jettisoned traditional concepts of American education in their push to rethink and reinvent schools for their communities. Produced in tandem with the book release of Reinventing America’s Schools by New York Times best-selling author David Osborne of the Progressive Policy Institute, The 74 launched a special Reinventing Schools microsite to serve as a multimedia platform that will share these stories of innovation from across the country.

Mariama Carson, the founder and principal of Global Preparatory Academy in Indianapolis, was one of the most memorable people we met in our travels. Below are highlights from our interview; you can also watch more interviews, and read more about the cities that are rethinking their school systems, at