The 74 Interview


Watch — Former NM Education Chief Hanna Skandera on Priorities for a New School Year: Rethink How Families Are Engaged in District Decisions & How Graduates Are Prepared for Their Next Step

August 15, 2018

This is one in a series of summer videos with experts and thought leaders on the state of American education, going into the 2018 school year. Watch all the videos, and read other in-depth interviews, by visiting our 74 Interview section.

Hanna Skandera, former education secretary of New Mexico and current editor in chief of The Line, sits down to talk about the importance of giving families a place at the table when deciding district priorities, and why we must all coalesce around the goal of ensuring college or career readiness for every high school graduate. “What does it look like when a student says, ‘I’m ready … I’m ready for college, I’m ready for the job I’ve always wanted to have, and there’s no retraining?’” she asks. “What does it look like when our business and communities say: ‘You know what? When our kids graduate, whether it’s high school, college, or a certificate program, we know they are ready to really work, contribute, and be a part of our community and citizenry — and our success.’”

Produced by James Fields