Watch — A Woman on a Mission to Close the Educational Equity Gap in Indiana

January 15, 2019

Alicia Ramsey spent 15 years in public education — as a teacher, a principal, and then as a member of the local school board. Now in her role as First Lady of New Life Worship Center in Indianapolis, education not only is still in her blood but has been woven into the DNA of the church that she and her husband, John F. Ramsey, lead. New Life Worship Center is home to the Rhema Child Care Ministry & Preschool as well as Guardian Angels, a program that provides caretakers of children with special needs experience during church events and services. Ramsey also uses her role in the church as a platform to inform families of their educational rights and opportunities. “When we started to see the charter school concept come here to Indianapolis, I started doing research on the different charter schools in the city. I meet with these parents … to teach them how to self-advocate,” Ramsey said. “I have three unique children that learn totally different, so I have to take the opportunity to do my research to find out what’s best for my oldest child, what’s best for my middle child, who’s severely special needs, and what’s best for my baby girl.” Watch more of our conversation with Ramsey here.

—Directed by James Fields