A Nation At Risk, 35 Years Later


WATCH: 35 Years Later, How ‘A Nation at Risk’ Continues to Change American Education

May 2, 2018

The Clarion Call for Action Continues: 35 years after the historic release of the “A Nation at Risk” report, The 74 sat down with key education advocates, leaders, and policymakers to trace its impact through the decades.

In an earlier documentary, we chronicled the report’s creation and reception; in today’s sequel, we look at the immediate action it spurred — and how it continues to shape the education conversation today.

Watch our previous documentary, see all our additional anniversary coverage, and read our dispatches from the 2018 Reagan Institute Summit on Education — click here: The74Million.org/NationAtRisk

— Directed by James Fields, Produced by Emmeline Zhao


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