Must-See: 20 Inspiring Chalk Creations to Emerge From 2020’s #ChalkYourWalk, the Viral Campaign That’s Giving Students a Colorful Escape During the Pandemic

Fun, creative and inspiring for teachers, students and parents alike, #ChalkYourWalk is the colorful social media trend that’s spreading positivity — and a good dose of community pride — via neighborhood sidewalks. You can read more about the initiative from reporter Debra West — and also enjoy this coast-to-coast highlight reel assembled by video director James Fields:

In search of a little uplifting art, we took a spin through Twitter and Instagram ourselves over the past week. Below, an unforgettable gallery of brightness and positivity that offers a brief respite from the grim daily headlines — from artistic masterpieces to hilarious jokes, surprising math problems and memorable messages of perseverance:

Dana Bennett-Tejes (@BennettTejes / Twitter)
MyKidsFoodAllergies (@kidsfoodallerg / Twitter)
Montour School District teacher Sarah Brallier, McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania (@MSDHearing / Twitter)
Arlie Cooper, science teacher at Richmond Hill High School, Richmond Hill, Georgia (@arliecooper2 / Twitter)
Ms. Tran, teacher at Conrad Schools of Science, New Castle County, Delaware (@tran_science / Twitter)
Jazmin Hubbard (mrsjhubbard / Instagram)
Rucker Elementary teacher Cindy Parker, Houston, Texas (@parkpete8 / Twitter)
Nichole, a middle school math teacher, Tracy, California (@iTEACHiLEARN / Twitter)
Art teacher Sara Ketron, Dublin, Ohio (@SarahKetron1 / Twitter)
Dina Brady (@ThisIsDinaBrady / Twitter)
Rosenthal Montessori, Alexandria, Louisiana (@RosenthalRPSB / Twitter)
Corvian Community School, Charlotte, North Carolina (corviancommunityschool / Instagram)
2829royalo / Instagram
Wake Forest, North Carolina (@WakeForest_NC / Twitter)
Wake Forest, North Carolina (@WakeForest_NC / Twitter)
Mrs. Krupp, Bowling Green, Ohio (teenteacherla / Instagram)
Wake Forest, North Carolina (@WakeForest_NC / Twitter)
Locust Point Families, Baltimore, Maryland (locustpointfamilies / Instagram)
Daniel Baldassi, Seekonk, Massachusetts (@dmb1077 / Twitter)
Daniel Baldassi, Seekonk, Massachusetts (@dmb1077 / Twitter)

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