The Best of June: Our 9 Most Popular Articles (and Videos) of the Month

SCOTUS Sends Church-State Cases Back to Colo., New Mexico in Light of Trinity Lutheran Pre-K Ruling

NFL Cornerback Gives College Scholarship to Virginia HS Senior for Making Honor Roll

When College Grads Don’t Come Back Home: New Numbers Show a Widening Urban-Rural Education Divide

UCLA Steps In to Rescue a Struggling Middle School — and Creates a Model for Change in South Los Angeles

74 Interview: Catherine Lhamon Takes On Trump With Probe Into Cutbacks on Student Civil Rights

Exclusive: Independent Review of ESSA Plans Rates States Strong on Accountability, Weak on Counting All Kids

Report: High Schoolers Motivated to Learn, but Varying Engagement Levels Point to Need for Tailored Instruction

New Research: Louisiana Voucher Results Swing Upward

Georgia High Court Rejects Challenge to School Tax Credit Program as Private School Choice Debate Rages

Supreme Court Sides With Preschool in Church/State Funding Dispute, Limits Decision to Playground

Hidden Costs of Senate Health Care Bill: Uninsured Kids Do Worse in School, More Likely to Drop Out

New Study Ranks States on How Well They Help Homeless Students. Where Does Your State Rank?

This Week’s ESSA News: Pointed Feedback on Federal Feedback, as Iowa, Idaho, Georgia, W. Virginia Post Plans

What Monday’s SCOTUS Ruling in Trinity Lutheran Preschool Case Could Mean for School Vouchers

74 Interview: Rep. Virginia Foxx on Better Career and Technical Education, ‘An Idea Whose Time Has Come’

House Reauthorizes Career and Tech Ed Bill While Members Speak Out Against Trump Funding Cuts

Weekend Education Reads: 8 Important Stories on Students & Schools You May Have Missed This Week

Analysis: The Fierce Fight Over Mayoral Control Reflects De Blasio’s Weakness on Education

Delaware Lawmakers Mull Nixing State Board of Ed to Help Ease Budget Crisis

Weekend Education Reads: 12 Interesting Links About Students and Schools You May Have Missed This Week

May 18, 2017

Talking Points

Your weekend education reads: 12 key stories on schools, students & policy you may have missed #edchat

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It was quite the hectic week for education news: a historic election night in Los Angeles, the leaking of a stripped-down education budget in D.C., and a new school choice poll that showed the majority of Americans open to increasing the number of public charter schools.

Here are a few interesting articles we’ve been reading at other outlets this week, that you might have missed amid the breaking news:

What We Don’t Know About High Schools Can Hurt UsBrookings (Mark Dynarski)

Los Angeles’s election night roller coaster — all spurred by absentee ballotsLA School Report (Mike Szymanski)

1 in 5 Washington State Students Have ‘Seriously Considered Suicide in the Past 12 Months’KXRO

Solving the Mystery of UnderachievementThe Atlantic (Nick Ehrmann)

You May Have Seen ‘Hamilton,’ but Not Like ThisEducation Post (Lane Wright)

How Colleges Know What You Can Afford (and the Limits of That Tactic) The New York Times (Kevin Carey)

Some Ohio School Districts Tail Parents to Check Where Family Actually LivesThe Columbus Dispatch (Shannon Gilchrist)

Rhode Island Schools Seeking Out-of-Town Students to Pay for Access to Small ClassesNBC 10 News (Bill Rappleye)

How Ballet Is Energizing One Memphis School — and Helped Save It From Closing Chalkbeat (Caroline Bauman)

New York City Charter Schools See Record 73,000 Student ApplicationsNew York Daily News (Ben Chapman)

Inside a High School Training Future TeachersThe Atlantic (Christina Veiga)

Sesame Street’s ‘Maria’ Promotes Education in MilwaukeeBizTimes Milwaukee (Lauren Anderson)