Interactive: See Every Education Issue Prioritized by Governors in 41 State of the State Speeches — From Free College to Mental Health, Early Ed & Beyond

By The 74 | March 4, 2020

Governors’ annual State of the State addresses are windows into what’s likely to be at the top of state education agendas in the coming year — and what’s not. FutureEd, a think tank at Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy, analyzed the 41 gubernatorial speeches delivered so far this year and found that while every state leader highlighted the importance of education, the governors talked a lot more about expanding educational opportunities than improving the performance of the nation’s schools and colleges.

Phyllis Jordan and Brooke LePage have written a new analysis today about notable trends and omissions from the 41 speeches. Below, you’ll find interactive breakdowns of the governors’ six top topic areas — teacher pay, career & technical education, early childhood ed, free college, student mental health and school choice. See which states are choosing (or not choosing) to prioritize these issues — and click on a given state to see the specific proposals for 2020 legislation:


Analysis: From Teacher Pay to Free College, What 41 Governors’ State of the State Addresses Reveal About the Nation’s Top 2020 Education Issues

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