WATCH: Inside South Carolina’s Campaign to Empower Students with Technology #EDlection2016

This is the third EDlection 2016 film in a series that will profile the top education issues driving public discussion in the early primary states (see our dispatches from New Hampshire and Iowa). To read our previous coverage of education debates in South Carolina, as well as other EDlection stories from across the country, please see our full archive.
Technology can easily be overhyped as a “game changer,” but for the students of Spartanburg, South Carolina it’s an apt claim. A large investment by the district in education hardware and software — and a committed administration determined to integrate technology into the daily routines of both students and educators — is elevating outcomes for children who struggle with disabilities and other challenges.

Spartanburg’s District Seven is part of the League of Innovative Schools, a coalition of superintendents committed to elevating technology in the classrooms of 3.2 million kids nationwide. In our visit, The 74 saw firsthand how two students are overcoming significant challenges with grit — and just the right boost from, yes, game-changing technology.

Producers: Anne Lagamayo, Heather Martino, Kelly Creedon; Camera: Kelly Creedon; Editor: Jim Fields

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