Williams — It’s Our Own Damn Fault: Too Many Have Treated a COVID Catastrophe as an Inconvenience, Leaving Our Health in Grave Danger and Our Kids Locked Out of School

Jeremy Decker’s daughter looks out of a window in a motel in Kissimmee, Florida, on Oc. 15. Decker was laid off due to the pandemic, and his wife has been working a few times a week at Wendy’s. The family of six, with one on the way, have been living in motel rooms for the past three years. “We live off barely anything, as of right now. And it’s just so hard. I was working. She’s working, but not much. She’s worked maybe about a day or two a week. And then the vehicle went down, we don’t got money to fix the vehicle. No vehicle, there can’t be no job, really.” (Chandan Khanna / Getty Images)

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