WATCH: New Hampshire Students Hatch Plan for Duck Wedding. ConQUACKulations!

By Tim Newcomb | March 5, 2017

Photo: WWLP
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You’ve never heard “Here Comes the Bride” quite like the students at Weston Elementary School in Manchester, N.H., perform it: in full quack.
As WWLP-TV reports, all went swimmingly last week as Plumpty and Pierre waddled down the aisle — he in a penguin-style duxedo, she in a white lace gown that matched her feathers — for a duck wedding planned and put on by the youngsters.

The children had watched the fowl pair hatch two years ago, part of a class project orchestrated by local volunteer Deb Ritchotte for Mrs. Hopey’s kindergarten class. Ever since, the ducks — one a silver appleyard and the other a Dutch hookbill — have made repeat appearances at the school, reports the Manchester Ink Link.
Finally, the students decided it was time for marriage. Love, it seems, has wings at Weston.

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The children planned and executed the entire affair. They decorated the gym and set up chairs, calmed the nervous bride and groom, orchestrated the playlist and planned the reception — which of course included the Chicken Dance — and wrote vows that included the all-important question: “Do you promise to share a nest and mealworms, and do you promise to keep each other warm in good times and bad?”
Principal Liz MacDonald presided, and a pair of ducklings provided by the local fire chief served as the flower duck and ring-bearer duck.

At the end, when MacDonald announced a final “conquackulations” for husband duck and wife duck, there was cause for much celebration. That really fit the bill!

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