WATCH — Education Experts Talk COVID Slide, Math Recovery and the Key Role STEM Skills Will Play in a Post-Pandemic World

November 13, 2021

New research suggests the pandemic’s long-term impact on math learning might be considerably more severe than on reading skills. How can educators and parents counter this? Why is it so important? And how does it factor into the future of America’s workforce, where STEM skills will increasingly become a priority?

These are the questions that guided a recent webinar organized by The 74 and the Progressive Policy Institute: “STEM Education and Math Recovery in a Post-COVID World.” Panelists included Lagra Newman, founder of Purpose Prep Charter School in Nashville; Shenell McCloud, CEO of Project Ready in New Jersey; Michelle Stie, vice president of the National Math & Science Initiative; Jo Napolitano, senior reporter at The 74; and Patrick Jones, senior vice president at The Mind Trust in Indianapolis. Curtis Valentine, co-director of the Reinventing America’s Schools project at PPI, served as moderator. Watch the full conversation right here.


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