WATCH: A 2020 Back-to-School Road Trip — From Masks to Disinfectant Sprays, Outdoor Classes & Learning Pods, How Students Are Returning to Class Amid a Pandemic

September 21, 2020

What does Back to School look like in 2020? In Denmark, it’s an entire day spent learning outdoors. In Germany, it’s posing — in your mask — for a picture with your Schultüte, or sugar cone.

Over the past couple of weeks, images of face masks, disinfectants and distanced cafeterias have emerged as students return to the classroom amid the ongoing public health crisis. Among long-overdue hugs were also glimpses of tradition. But little about virtual learning in the home garage or walking through disinfectant sprays feel familiar.

Join The 74 on a trip around the globe for a snapshot of education during this strange and disorienting year.

— Reported by Meghan Gallagher, Edited by Jim Fields

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