VIDEO: Inside the NSA’s Cybersecurity Summer Camp for Girls

By Anne Lagamayo | September 21, 2015

Coding. Hackers. Cyber fraud. Just your typical 21st century summer camp for young women.  
This summer, The Seventy Four spent a few weeks attending NYU’s Polytechnic University, where 25 middle school and high school girls learned about hacking and cybersecurity. In candid interviews, the students talk about their daily lesson plan (Caesar ciphers! Hacking into server to steal someone’s password!) and offer up their own opinions about the future for girls in STEM fields.

The summer camp is part of a broader program sponsored by the National Security Agency and the National Science Foundation called GenCyber, a summer camp that teaches K-12 students and teachers about cybersecurity.
GenCyber, launched in 2014, is hosted by different universities in 18 states, and the classes are free. According to the GenCyber website, the program hopes “to be part of the solution to the nation’s shortfall of cybersecurity professionals.”
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