Reno Bets on Robotics for the Future of Its Kids

August 4, 2021

Reno, Nevada, has bet big at every level on robots. Robots that are making high-tech batteries in Tesla’s sprawling new Gigafactory. Robots that stop politely for pedestrians as they move goods and people around businesses eager to get in on the city’s clean-power boom. And robots built by students as young as kindergarten who participate in clubs that teach collaboration, problem-solving and other sought-after skills.

As part of a series of stories examining the impact of the pandemic’s recession on schools, The 74 sent a video crew to Reno to learn about the robotics clubs and the role community leaders envision they will play in training the workforce that the area’s marquee industries will need to flourish. We invite you to meet some of the Washoe County Public Schools students and educators who are building the economy of tomorrow.

If this video isn’t playing, click here to see it.

—Produced by James Fields & Emmeline Zhao

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Recession, Recovery & Robotics: Can CTE and Reno’s Reinvented Schools Avert a COVID Classroom Crisis?


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