Full Video: Barack Obama Appears at University of Chicago to Promote Civic Engagement

By The 74 | April 24, 2017

Getty Images

In his first major speech since President Trump took office, Barack Obama put the focus on youth empowerment at a University of Chicago event on Monday. In a roundtable discussion with college students from Chicago, Obama discussed ways to help young people become civic leaders, an issue he said will play a key part in his post–White House life.

“I’m spending a lot of time thinking, What is the most important thing I can do for my next job?” Obama said. “And what I’m convinced of is that, although there are all kinds of issues I care about and all kinds of issues I intend to work on, the single most important thing I can do is to help, in any way I can, prepare the next generation of leadership to take up the baton and take their own crack at changing the world.”

Watch the full roundtable discussion here:


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