Video: ‘Rescuing Washington’s Charter Schools’ Tells Story of Parents’ Determination

The 74 reports on the Washington Supreme Court decision: Read our complete coverage

Washington state

Pain, passion and persistence run through the stories of charter school parents in this Northwest state who find themselves entering the second year of a constitutional battle over school choice.

Their campaign to keep the state’s nine fledgling charter schools open after they were approved by voters in 2012, ruled illegal by the state’s Supreme Court in 2015, saved by state lawmakers in 2016 and now jeopardized again by a second lawsuit is the subject of “Rescuing Washington’s Charter Schools: A 74 Special Report.”

The nearly 12-minute video chronicles the schools’ tumultuous existence while returning to the notion that families will not be turned back once they have experienced a school that works for them.

“And now is the time,” says parent Shirline Wilson. “We are not willing to wait anymore for these solutions to be put into place. Our kids’ education and lives are at stake.”

Read reporter Kate Stringer’s related story on the legal battle that is looming for Washington’s charter schools in 2017.

The Gen Next Foundation supported The 74’s coverage of Washington state charters and the production of the video.

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