MUST-SEE: Social Media–Savvy Students Uploading the Moment They Learn They’ve Been Accepted to College

By Mitchell Trinka | April 30, 2017

It’s a scene straight out of a Harry Potter novel — a student receives an exclusive acceptance letter to a school that will change his or her life forever. Though the letter is delivered by the United States Postal Service instead of an owl, the excitement is just as real for students admitted to college.

May 1 marks a milepost on the road to attaining a college degree: National College Decision Day. It’s the day students across America make their final pick of which school they’ll attend in the fall.
For many students, the process has been a mix of time-consuming campus visits and tedious studying of financial aid offers and housing plans. But by decision day, most have made their shortlist of finalists and are picking a destination.
Whether they’re making their college choice on their own or getting advice from family and friends, we wanted to share a few inspiring moments showing what happens when students get their golden ticket:

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