#LoveMySchoolDay: How America’s Teachers Jumped on the Day’s Trending Topic to Bring the Internet Into Their Classrooms

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All across America Tuesday, students got the chance to say on social media why they love their schools. But it wasn’t the kids’ cute anecdotes that won the day — it was the intimate view provided by their teachers of engaging classrooms and inspiring lessons.

The hashtag #LoveMySchoolDay started gaining traction on Twitter with photos and videos of students saying what made their schools stand out: The teachers are nice! The playground is fun! My school is the best!

While the students shouted accolades, their teachers harnessed the power of the tag. They used the topic, trending nationally in Twitter’s top 10 for most of the day, to show everything from kids learning about science through kitchen chemistry to students getting excited by an integrated music/English class.

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Here are just a few of the inspiring social media posts we caught:

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