Letter to the Editor: PSAT Students Didn’t ‘Break Oath’

The below letter is in reference to our recent news feature about teens taking to Twitter to talk about this week’s PSAT exam.
Dear Editor:
I took the PSAT this year. While we did sign an oath, we promised not to specify direct questions, or name them. From the chatter on social media, I haven't seen any direct references to Question Number "X". We just joke about the passages — however we do not reveal numbers, answers, or anything specific. Rather we joke about the topics, not directly the test.
There is a very negative slant, "Teens Break Their Oath", that implies that teens are untrustworthy, when actually, we are still following the rules. As a teen with a +4.00 GPA, AP Scholar, and club vice president with 120 club members, I resent the insinuation. While I laugh at others jokes, and make a vague one of my own, mentioning not finding the Spanish Moss students are talking about, I did not say that Question Number X is about Spanish Moss's correlation to another type of moss and the correct answer is "g" (please note that the PSAT is only a-d).
I hope that this website can keep the humor, express their concerns, without defaming an age group. Remember, like it or not, we are the nation's next generation, so it would more conducive for you to give us teens advice rather than attack us without any constructive criticism.
I enjoy reading your site normally, and look forward to hearing back from you regarding updates on the changes to this article.
Elizabeth Grace
Editor’s Note: While I'm confident that our piece falls well short of "defaming an age group" or attacking a generation, I agree the headline goes too far, in implying that these tweets represent a serious infraction. In reality, we merely thought it was interesting that after expressly promising not to discuss the test, many chose to discuss the test via social media. Truly a sign of our social media era (and something that many Twitter users were taking note of later that evening). We have updated the headline in a bid to strip out the accusatory tone. Continue to find the tweets fascinating. Thank you for reading our site, and for taking the time to write. (Steve Snyder)

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