Adorable: At Schools Across America, a New Halloween Tradition — Students Choosing Teachers’ Costumes

By Meghan Gallagher | October 30, 2019

A holiday trend we didn’t see coming: Halloween-themed curriculum that enlists the creativity of students in helping their teachers stand out in a world full of derivative costumes. Across social media, educators are sharing their favorite submissions, often brought to life with colorful instructions and rationale. For the record, we’ve never seen a more convincing case made for a narwhal costume.

Some of our favorite postings:

Taco or Flower? Ms. Middleton’s students decide:

You are what you eat, according to elementary school teacher Victoria Carter’s students in Arkansas:

Ms. Cioffi’s second-grade class from Hiawatha Elementary School participated in finding the perfect costume. One option: Lady Gaga. Why? “You can go like ‘La la la.’”

We vote Narwhal. “Narwhal is awesome!”

Miss Puckett’s second-grade class from Middletown, Ohio, didn’t disappoint:

This creation went beyond the box of crayons:

This one wins for wordplay:

Ms. DeWitt from Lynchburg, Virginia, was pleased with this year’s suggestions:

Something sweet:

And lastly – something spooky:

CVES 5th Grade


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