We Want to Hear From You: Answer Our 2020 Reader Survey and Let Us Know How We’re Doing

By The 74 | May 3, 2020

Thanks so much for being a supporter of The 74! Five years ago, The 74 was established to spearhead an honest, fact-based conversation about how to give America’s 74 million children under the age of 18 the education they deserve.

As our organization has evolved over the years, we’d like to take a moment to assess our impact. We’ve created a quick readership survey for our audience because we think it will be a helpful guide to inform and enrich our future coverage.

We’d appreciate it if you can take just five to 10 minutes of your time to share your thoughts in this survey, so we can strengthen our content. Do you have a favorite (or a least favorite) part of The 74? Did you know we host and cover various education-related events, such as Brown v. Board: The Untold Stories; or that we produce a range of content verticals, such as 4Fams, our resource to help parents better understand, appreciate and engage with their child’s school, and Keeping It 100, elevating voices of color in education; and that we are about to launch another covering the COVID-19 school crisis?

We want to know if you find this content meaningful, along with all our other coverage, both news and opinion, of critical topics — from school accountability to social-emotional learning to teachers unions.

We thank you in advance for your assistance in helping to make The 74 as impactful as possible!

Educationally yours,

The 74


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